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E-Sign Document Access Control

Password protecting your documents is a an additional layer of security that protects against information reaching unintended audiences.

Key Points

  • Only recipients that know the password can open the document and more importantly read its content
  • The signed document is also protected by a password
  • The pdf of the document will not be attached to the email

To password protect your documents, follow the below steps:


E-Sign document access control

Step 1.

Click on the padlock under the signer details.

E-Sign add a signer passcode

Step 2.

Choose a password to protect your document with, alternatively click the icon to
auto generate one. Please note, you will need to provide the recipient with the password.

E-Sign add a passcode for signer

Step 3.

Once the recipient receives the document email, they simply need to enter the password to access the document. The password will also be required to view the document once all parties have signed.

E-Sign add your passcode

Step 4.

If you need to locate the saved password, access “documents awaiting signature”, then from the document preview page, click on the red padlock (see below).

E-Sign locate your password

E-Sign signer verification

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