E-Sign for Healthcare

Compliance is vital for delivering in the healthcare industry


Efficient & Effective

Streamline your administrative systems and replace paper processes with E-Sign. The easy-to-use digital signature service integrates with almost everything, allowing you to focus your resources on the vital work of healthcare and enables you to work effectively with pharmacies, suppliers and other medical bodies.

Reduce Non-conformance rate

Eliminate the unnecessary back-and-forth of non-conforming documents, as E-Sign validates your document signatures.


Regarding prescriptions in the NHS, it was found that 2/3 of all prescriptions which are issued in primary care are repeat prescriptions where they account for 80% of NHS medicine costs for primary care, these can be issued with authorised digital signatures.



Over 80% of pharmacies in the U.K. were EPS enabled by July 2013.


In relation to patients giving consent for their GP to pass on medical information, the use of electronic signatures provides security for the GP, that the individual who signed the consent form is who they said they are.


Electronic signatures have also been used in the prescription of Chemotherapy drugs.

Use Cases

  • Electronic patient records
  • Audit and compliance processes
  • Medical forms
  • Prescriptions

High Performer