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Payment processing with E-Sign

Rapidly improve document completion times and customer experience with E-Sign’s instant payment capture. Request and instantly capture payments (upon document completion) from your signers, with our automatic payment capture feature.

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Integrated Payment Processing

With E-Sign’s payment processing, you can securely capture payments from customers upon completing a deal or transaction. By integrating a secure payment option into your document, your clients can e-sign and pay in one single transaction for a faster and more effective way to do business.

With an integrated payment gateway, you can provide a smoother customer experience, whilst improving digital efficiency for your business.

How does E-Sign’s Payment Capture Work?

Integrating a payment gateway into our platform combines what was once two separate transactions into one simple process. After connecting your payment gateway to E-Sign’s document management platform, you can easily add a payment request via our Payment Tags. When your signer accesses and e-sign’s your document, they can also instantly transfer the payment, so you receive money straight into your account.

With E-Sign’s payment capture, you can accept major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay from your clients. Acceptable payment methods vary with the payment gateway you decide to use:

  • Stripe: Credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay
  • Braintree/PayPal: Credit cards, debit cards
  • Net: Credit cards, debit cards
payment processing with e-sign

Streamline and Digitalise Payment Collection

Integrating a fully digital payment solution into your signature process allows you to collect payments and complete transactions instantly and securely. Utilising E-Sign’s payment capture, your business can streamline and digitalise payment collection, so you spend less time chasing and manually processing payments and more time growing your business. With the ability to collect payments directly into your bank account, your business can also benefit from improved accountancy and financial modelling.

Collect signatures & payments on agreements, including:

  • Insurance premiums
  • Membership agreements
  • Event space rentals
  • Donations
  • Security deposits

Why Use E-Sign Payment Capture

Why businesses need a fully digital payments solution



of businesses experience payment delays or
failure to collect *


of businesses spend more than 10 hours per week
chasing payments

*internal E-Sign market research 2020

The Only Trusted Digital Signature Provider on the Public Service Network

E-Sign is the only electronic signature provider trusted on the Public Service Network. The PSN is the UK Government’s high-performance network, which enables public sector organisations to work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

Government organisations and health trusts access the PSN for secure and trusted digital services, that meet strict regulatory requirements and provide assurance that the service they access has the highest security standards, is exceptionally reliable, and can address issues within a rapid timeframe.

With the rapidly growing digitisation of document management and cloud-based solutions, the need for trustworthy providers has never been more important. The E-Sign document management and electronic signature solution provides businesses with improved efficiencies and major cost savings, creating enhanced advantages over competitors.

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Business Benefits

Reduced Errors

Equip your business with real-time audit trails of payment capture and document completions.

More Focus on your business

Spend less time chasing and manually processing payments and more time on driving your business forward.

Smoother Customer Experience

Deliver a superior customer experience by providing the ability to complete transactions and agreements instantly.

Improved Cash Flow

Take payments that are transferred directly into your bank account for improved accountancy and financial modelling.

Easy Set Up

Our payment capture is easy to set up. All you need to do is link your payment gateway to your E-Sign account.

Secure Payment Processing

All information is encrypted and securely handled by your payment gateway, so hackers and cybercriminals cannot access your vulnerable payment data.

Technical Checklist

  • Choose your preferred payment gateway for integration into E-Sign’s platform.
  • Easily add Payment Tags to your documents to collect payments when closing transactions.
  • Benefit from improved cashflow and financial modelling.
  • Improve your overall customer experience with easy payment options.
  • Integrate two separate processes into one simple transaction.
  • Spend less time chasing and manually processing payments.