Payment processing with E-Sign

Securely capture payments from clients upon document completion

Instant payment capture, transferred direct into your bank


Rapidly improve document completion times and customer experience with E-Signs digital document transaction system.

Excellent Customer Service Delivered

Customer excellence

Deliver a superior customer experience by providing the ability to complete transactions and agreements instantly

Focus on Business

Focus on your business

Spend less time chasing and manually processing payments

Reduce Business Errors

Reduce errors

Real-time audit trails of payment capture and document completions


Increase cash flow


This E-Sign allows you to take payments that are transferred directly into your bank account for improved accountancy and financial modelling



Collect signatures & payments on agreements, including:

  • Insurance premiums
  • Membership agreements
  • Event space rentals
  • Donations
  • Security deposits
Agreements for Payments and Signatures

Why businesses need a fully digital payments solution



of businesses experience payment delays or
failure to collect *


of businesses spend more than 10 hours per week
chasing payments


*internal E-Sign market research 2020

E-Sign is developing pre-built integrations with the leading payment gateways so businesses can collect payments using E-Sign.

Here’s the process:

1. Sender signs up or logs into payment gateway account (first-time only) to connect the gateway to E-Sign

2. Sender adds payment requests via the E-Sign Payments tag

3. Signer pays within the signing experience

4. Funds are sent to sender’s payment gateway account

With E-Sign Payments, you are able to accept major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Acceptable payment methods are dependent on the payment gateway you decide to use. Stripe:

Credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay

Braintree/PayPal: Credit cards, debit cards

Authorize.Net: Credit cards, debit cards

You need a payment gateway to accept online payments from customers. A payment gateway is a service that sends payment details to the payment networks for processing. When a sender gathers a signature and collects a payment from a signer, E-Sign will submit the transaction to the sender’s selected payment gateway for routing to the payment networks.

Yes, you will need to sign up or have an existing account with both E-Sign and Stripe.

E-Sign passes through to the payment gateway the envelope ID, recipient name, email, and optional Product Name, Product SKU, and Product Details fields as metadata. No payment data is held within E-Sign, all information is encrypted and securely handled by Stripe.

E-Sign Payments is available in the U.S, UK, Canada, and Australia.

E-Sign is not a merchant of record, payment gateway, or payment processor. E-Sign will be integrating with payment gateways so you can easily log in to your preferred payment gateway within the E-Sign sending experience to request payments.

Once the customer signs up to a selected payment gateway, they will become the merchant of record. The merchant of record is the organization that is held financially liable by the acquiring bank. When a customer of E-Sign assumes responsibility as merchant of record, they are held liable by the financial institution that processes the end consumer’s credit and debit card payments. This includes all full and partial returns to the consumer’s card, as well as any chargebacks initiated by the consumer. They also take on tax and compliance risk to ensure digital transactions are handled with precision, and full compliance with local laws.

All E-Sign notifications will be sent to the customer when the envelope is completed, which is confirmation that a payment was charged and posted. The customer can also configure its payment gateway account to notify the customer and/or payer of the payment posting.

E-Sign Payments is included in Business Pro and Enterprise Pro plans. A customer still has to pay the relevant payment gateway transaction fees.

Transaction fees for each payment gateway differ.

Stripe: 1.4% + 20p per successful charge (European cards); 2.9% + 20p per successful charge (non-European cards)

Braintree/PayPal: 1.9% + 20p per transaction; outside home currency – additional 1% fee applies. AMEX transactions will be charged 2.4% + 20p.

Authorize.Net: 2.49% + 15p per transaction + £19 monthly fee (Payment Gateway & Merchant Account); 10p per transaction + £19 monthly gateway fee (Payment Gateway only)

If you are a high volume customer, it is recommended you contact the payment gateway directly to negotiate discounted pricing.

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