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Wales Housing Law: How Will the ‘Renting Homes Act’ Will Affect You?

Posted 10th March 2022

Whether you’re a tenant or landlord in Wales, you need to know how the ‘Renting Home Act’ will affect you. Coming into effect July 15th 2022, the act will change the way landlords in Wales rent their properties.

Let’s take a closer look at the changes and impacts of the ‘Renting Homes Act’, as well as how e-signatures can help to support landlords with these changes.


Who Will the ‘Renting Homes Act’ Affect?

The act will affect all social and private tenants and landlords, including those who rent their properties through management companies and agents.

For tenants, you can expect to see changes to:

  • the way your contracts are issued.
  • the way your homes are maintained.
  • how you communicate with your landlord.

For landlords, you’ll be required to:

  • Comply with the new changes.
  • Make necessary updates to your property.
  • Ensure your paperwork is correct.


How Will It Affect Tenants?

Tenancy agreements will be replaced with ‘occupation contracts’, with tenants and licencees becoming ‘contract-holders’. The ‘Renting Homes Act’ aims to make renting easier, as well as provide greater security to contract holders.

Here’s what’s changing for tenants, according to Gov.Wales:

  • You’ll receive a written contract which sets out your rights and responsibilities.
  • The ‘no fault’ notice period will increase from two to six months.
  • You’ll have greater protection from eviction.
  • Succession rights will be improved (these set out who has a right to continue to live in a dwelling, for example after the current tenant dies).
  • Increased flexibility for joint contract-holders will make it easier to add or remove others to an occupation contract.

How Will It Affect Landlords?

According to Gov.Wales, the ‘Renting Homes Act’ will mean the following for landlords:

  • A simplified renting system, with two types of contracts; ‘Secure’ for the social sector and ‘Standard’ for the private sector.
  • They will need to ensure their properties are fit for human habitation (FFHH) including electrical safety testing, working smoke alarms, and fitted carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Abandoned properties can be repossessed without needing a court order.


How E-Signatures Can Support Landlords and Tenants

With landlords/property managers now obligated to provide a clear, written contract to tenants, having the right e-signature has never been more important. Whether you’re a property management company or individual landlord, managing your occupation contracts digitally, with the help of an e-signature, can bring multiple benefits, including:


Saving you time

It’s no secret that physical paperwork is outdated but many people still insist on pen and paper signatures. Creating these documents can be time-consuming; you’ll need to print, sign and scan your paperwork and then either email it to your occupants or send it via the post. All of these steps add up, especially if you’re responsible for multiple properties.

With an e-signature on the case, you can e-sign and send your occupation contracts in just a few clicks, saving you valuable time on managing your rental properties.


Simplifying document management

By going digital, you’re not only saving yourself time but also simplifying your document management. Eliminating printing and scanning makes creating, signing, and sending your document so much easier. It also streamlines the signing process for your occupants.

Sending an email or paper copy creates work for your signers- many of whom may not own a printer or scanner to print and sign your paperwork. This can increase document turnaround time, especially if they have to post it back to you. Using an e-signature allows your tenants to view and sign your documents in just a few clicks.


Saving money on paper/postage

If you’re a property management company or a landlord of multiple properties, you could be spending more money than you realise on sending out occupant contracts. Most of the time, these kinds of contracts will consist of multiple pages- especially as you’re obliged to set out all your tenant rights and responsibilities.

Printing out large documents can be costly. The cost of ink and paper adds up, as does the postage and stationery costs. Keeping your documents digital can eliminate all of these costs- all you’ll need is a monthly payment for your e-signature provider.



Why Choose E-Sign

Simplify Document Management

Our document management platform can help to simplify your document processes, allowing you to create, e-sign and send your occupation contracts in just a few clicks.

User-friendly E-Signature

With the ability to drag and drop editable features and e-signatures onto your documents, we make it easier for you and your clients to e-sign your contracts.

Complete Digital Toolbox

With a complete digital toolbox including an ID checker and payment gateway, you’ll have everything you need to keep your documents digital.



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