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E-Sign’s New Developer Hub is Now Live!

Posted 1st March 2022

We’re always looking to make our e-signature and document platform more adaptable, versatile, and flexible for your business.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new developer hub!

A custom-built area for developers and coders, the E-Sign Developer Hub makes it easier for businesses to create their own highly personalised digital ecosystems, complete with integrations and automation.

Let’s take a tour of our Developer Hub:


Developer Home

Here, you can find all you need to know about the Developer Hub, as well as examples of API features. The Hub homepage will also direct you towards the resources, tools and support you need to start creating custom document flows.


Our guidance section offers an overview of the E-Sign API documentation, as well as the key features, authentications, and codes. There’s also a Quick Start option so you can get started on your E-Sign API ASAP.

API Reference

This section will take you to Swagger UI, where you’ll find the API references you need to implement the E-Sign API. These showcase the parameters and responses of the API and let you try them out for yourself before you implement them.

SDKs & Tools

To make using our API as easy as possible, we offer Software Development Kits, as well as a Node Package Manager. Our Node SDK is already available, with Shell, Ruby, and C# SDKs soon to follow.


If you need any further information, guidance or help with our API and Developer Hub, our team are here to offer our support. Our support tab is where you’ll find the contact information for the E-Sign team, including our email, phone number and contact form.


What’s new with API V3?

If you already use the E-Sign API, you’ll no doubt want to know what’s changed in version 3. Our new developer hub includes a complete rewrite of our API integration, including architectural changes allowing us to scale more efficiently, as well as remain flexible for future extensions.

The main differences are:

  • New improved request/response interface for developers
  • All API routes now open
  • Interactive documentation
  • Better security and upgrades of core systems
  • New authentication options including JWT and Oauth 2

Future developments will include:

  • API user administration area
  • Language-specific libraries
  • Request / Response console logs


E-Sign’s API has changed from using multi docs to envelopes. Previously, documents with one as a parent were used. Now E-Sign’s Envelopes includes all of the documents as it’s a lot cleaner and syntactically better.

Sandbox API

The Sandbox API allows developers to test their integrations before they implement them properly. Our sandbox feature allows unlimited requests at no charge but is configured to use test credentials, such as for sending email transactions.


Why use an API?

Every business will use different applications and software to get the job done. No matter what digital tools you use, you’ll no doubt want them to work together and integrate well.

For those businesses with technical skills and coding knowledge, APIs are a great way of personalising your business processes and creating a unique digital ecosystem.

Check Out the New Hub

Whether you’re a seasoned coder or just curious about APIs, visit the new hub for yourself.

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