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Integration and Automation

E-Sign connects with your business tools to automate your workflow.

Seamless integration with leading software platforms.

E-Sign connects with your other software applications to automate any of your business processes. Configure flexible workflows with our powerful, low-code solution. 

Our connectors:



G Suite

Collaborate and E-Sign all your documents within G-Suite, to ensure maximum productivity. Automatically pull documents from Gmail straight into your E-Sign dashboard. Auto populate google sheets each time a document has been signed.

Business Apps



Create a new Stripe customer for payment capture from your E-Signed document, for seamless transaction management.



Download files for signing, directly from your Dropbox account, and return signed documents to a specified Dropbox location, for complete document automation.



Send contracts/purchase orders for E-Signing direct from Hubspot, when you create a new deal. Have signed contracts automatically added to Hubspot to manage and track deal workflows and completion.



Pull documents out of your Onedrive account for signature capture and have them instantly returned, for secure, complete document management.


Office 365

Send documents out for signature capture during Office 365 events. Pull Office 365 contacts & add them to your E-Sign documents, for signature capture.



Send Slack notifications to your teams, when you have had agreements E-Signed, share signed documents to colleagues via Slack.



Manage all aspects of your customer journey. Populate a document with your contacts information straight from Intercom, and send out for signature capture. Auto-add contacts into intercom and manage deals automatically, when your E-Sign document has been signed and completed.



Get complete deal automation with our Salesforce integration. Send out documents for E-Signing, straight from your deals or contacts. Have signed documents returned to your Salesforce CRM for complete 360 °automation.



Automatically send a document out for signature capture, whenever you create a new customer in Paypal. Manage all your signed financial transactions with E-Sign.



Create new contacts or leads from your E-Signed documents, and return completed documents to your Zoho CRM, for complete customer and sales management.



Raise and send invoices autonomously once customers have signed your order forms. Autopopulate customer data into Xero, from signed agreements for complete customer and financial management.


How to Use Zapier with E-Sign - A Zapier Google Sheets Tutorial

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.
This video tutorial walks you through key concepts to help you understand how E-Sign integrates with Zapier.

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