What is a wet signature?

What is a wet signature, and can I convert it into an electronic signature?

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What is a wet signature?

A wet signature is the written mark made by a person on a document using a hand writing tool such as a pen. It can be as simple as an X or as elaborate as a symbol. However most people tend to opt for a written illustration of their name.

Signatures are an important representation of an individual, because its design and application is unique to the individual. When an individual applies their signature to a document it symbolises more than just a name; it is a legally binding representation of their value and commitment to act in accordance with the content of the document. This is why if you create a handwritten signature with E-Sign, you can digitise your original signature into an authentic and digitally secure method of signing for important documents.

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Electronic signature vs handwritten

A wet signature is signed by a person physically marking a document with writing tool whereas an electronic signature is signed in a digital method on a digitally transmitted document.

Both are legal representations of a persons intent to act in accordance with the content of the document, however an electronic signature captures so much more.

Unlike a wet signature, which is generally the same mark on every document, an E-Sign electronic signature is 100% unique to every document, capturing the following to establish the signers identity:

  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Location
  • Time and Date stamp
  • Web browser and system information
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Benefits of an electronic signature

With E-Sign you get more than just an electronic signature. You get a secure infrastructure with which you can send, sign and manage all of your important documents.

E-Sign provides the following within its electronic signature to ensure every document that is sent is secure and legally admissible. See full overview of E-Signs key features:

  • Digital certificate authenticating all data and document interaction
  • Time and date stamping
  • Detailed document audit trail from inception to completion
  • Document integrity maintained and checked throughout the signature process
  • Secure storage of documents and data
  • Identification of users verified
  • Unique digital fingerprint created for every signed document
  • Unique signature fingerprint created for signatory

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Create a handwritten signature in E-Sign?

At E-Sign we know people want to keep their original signature they have used time and time again, so we have provided the facility for you to convert it into a free electronic signature whilst maintaining your artistic flair. To create a handwritten signature in E-Sign couldn't be easier, just check out the personalising your signature video and see for yourself.

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