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How to sign a document using SMS

Securely sign documents today using the E-Sign SMS feature


Step by step guide

Step 1

Add text credits to your account by accessing the option “Manage SMS texts” from your dashboard. You can purchase bundles of either 100 or 1000 texts.


Step 2

After adding your signer details, select “Send PIN via SMS” to activate the feature.


Step 3

Enter the telephone number for the intended recipient and check carefully, to ensure the PIN is sent to the correct phone.


Step 4

You can also attach other documents to be signed or supporting literature for your recipient to view as part of the notification email. Within the description section is the opportunity to create the bulk of your email body, within which you could describe to your recipient the requirements you need to complete the document transaction.


Step 5

You are now presented with your document and the ability to place the signature placement fields onto the document.


Step 6

The text message will be sent to the phone number you have inputted.


Step 7

Click on the link to view the document.


Step 8

Insert the PIN code sent to the nominated mobile device.


Step 9

Once happy with the document content, click “Agree” to sign.


Step 10

The document has been successfully signed.


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