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How to create document templates

Create your own editable templates with the save as template function

Step by step guide

Step 1

Select ‘Templates on your E-Sign Dashboard’


Step 2

Select ‘ Create Template’


Step 3

Select which flow you require for document signing


Step 4

Add your template name and either select a document from your upload folder, or upload a new document.


Step 5

Build you template and select “Save Template”


How to use a document template

Step 1

From your Templates page, choose the template you would like to use and select “Use”


Step 2

Enter the recipient details, attach other files or documents to be signed, check the template is correct and send.


Most frequent document template questions

This can be done by accessing the ‘templates’ tab within your E-Sign dashboard.

Yes. Whenever you create a template, you are given the option to save it. Also, when you open a save template, you can adjust it and save again!

Yes. All users of the account can be given access to view all documents and templates within the E-Sign dashboard. This is effective for document collaboration and document management.

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