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Send a document using bulk send with E-Sign

Send one document to many recipients simultaneously

Getting Started

Once you create your bulk send recipient list, you are ready to send your documents for e-signing. To create an esignature and prepare the document envelope, as described by visiting the signing a document page. To create esignature and use the Bulk Send features you must first be subscribed to the E-Sign Business Pro account.

How do I use bulk send?

How do I use a CSV file for bulk send?

Step by step Guide

Step 1

Select the bulk send option in the “My Extras” section of your E-Sign Dashboard


Step 2

Click on “Upload CSV”


Step 3

To add a bulk list of up to 100 recipients, click ‘Upload a CSV file”.


Step 4

Your CSV file must contain name and email columns as shown above.


Step 5

After uploading you will be then taken through the usual esigning process. Each recipient on the bulk list will receive their own documents to esign, for example, if you import a bulk list to E-Sign with 45 recipients, when you send the envelope, 45 separate envelopes are generated and sent from your account for signing.

How do I use custom fields for bulk send?

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