E-Sign for Recruitment

Simplify your recruitment process and reduce time spent on administration by completing employment contracts in minutes

“ E-Sign solves a number of issues for us, including having a full audit trail for signed documents, as well as e-mail notifications going to all parties. E-Sign is easier and quicker to use and removes the need for a hiring manager to sign, scan and then e-mail a document. ”

-Inta People

Use E-Sign to digitally complete your employment contracts and improve your recruitment process. Improve candidate enrollment and onboarding with electronic contract signing, and make the move towards a paperless office.

Legally binding electronic signatures in the recruitment sector

E-Sign employs world-class security (ISO 27001compliant) within its advanced electronic signature solution, offering secure email and secure document storage as standard, making us GDPR compliant.


Simplify the recruitment process with templates

Introduce employment contract templates into your recruitment process and further reduce your workload, allowing you to focus on getting your candidates into the right jobs.


E-Sign for Recruitment


A recruitment company using E-Sign reduced processing times for applicants down from 10 to 2 days.


Prior to adopting E-Sign, an E-Sign customer in the recruitment industry sent the contracts out via e-mail. The clients then had to manually sign and return the contract and terms and conditions via post. This method resulted in the client incurring costs and significant delays/loss in candidate placement.


The recruitment consultancy sends out, on average, 1,500 contracts a month. A large percentage of these experienced significant delays, leading to the recruitment company losing candidates to their competitors.


A Welsh recruitment consultancy, with 40 employees, found that by digitalising T&C documents through E-Sign, they were able to reduce their printing by 5%.

E-Sign Recruitment Executive Summary


Use Cases

  • Registration documents
  • Employment contracts
  • Client checks
  • Candidate placement forms
  • Client engagement
  • Time sheets
  • Terms of business


Did you know

E-Sign, the advanced electronic signature and secure digital ID and document management service, has developed a plug-in for the RDB Store. This integration enables RDB ProNet users to seamlessly access the E-Sign environment to securely sign documents, as well as send out documents for signing/co-signing via the E-Sign tab on client records in RDB ProNet. The electronic signature is personal and unique to an individual/company, as well as the document onto which it is embedded. Signed documents are securely stored and always available in their original form.


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