E-Sign for Legal

“I am a commercial solicitor and I encourage clients to use the highly secure electronic signature processes offered by E-Sign. The law supports the use of electronic signatures, and E-Sign is an essential tool for any business wishing to enhance customer experience and accelerate revenue. E-Sign is incredibly user-friendly, and using it has been a very positive experience both for me and for my clients.”

Simon Arthur, Solicitor – Paratus Law

Use E-Sign to complete your legal documents, improving efficiency and costs. Allowing your clients to sign documents online improves customer experience, contract completion time and case management productivity.

E-Sign legal contracts quickly & easily

Simplify your processes and reduce time spent on administration by executing legal contracts in minutes.

E-Sign Solutions for Legal Firms

Secure & enforceable legal documents

E-Sign employs world-class security(ISO 27001compliant) within its advanced electronic signature solution, offering secure email and secure document storage. Any legal contracts completed within E-Sign are tamper-proof and are deemed as legally binding contract terms in a court of law.


E-Sign for Legal

Transparent and manageable legal documents process

Keeping track of your legal documents in one secure, centralized system allows you to instantly eliminate the back-and-forth surrounding each legal document’s status.

E-Sign’s intuitive interface also facilitates reporting by keeping a good record of document transactions.



The use of electronic signatures gives you enhanced document management and control. E-Sign provides you with robust document security and integrity. The average document turnaround time, when using E-Sign is 1-3 days


A law firm which had 10 signers, where they each signed two documents a day, could reduce their organisational costs by over $32,000 a year by adopting E-Sign


87% of legal professionals detailed “security and integrity of sensitive data” as the most important factor in electronic signature solutions


64% of legal professionals found that the biggest benefit of implementing an electronic signature system was increased efficiency

E-Sign Legal executive summary


Use Cases

  • Retention & Fee Agreements
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Power of Attorney Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Employment Contracts
  • Class Action Communications
  • Board Consents
  • Client files
  • E-filing with courts
  • Company minutes
  • Documents of incorporation

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