E-Sign for Insurance

Digital signatures: A perfect fit for the Insurance industry

Digitally Sign Anywhere

E-Sign is available on all mobile devices, allowing agents to E-Sign complete contracts in the office or on the move.


Customer Support

As well as improving internal workflows, E-Sign enhances your customers experience. Our friendly and intuitive user-interface allows documents to be digitally signed, verified and submitted at your customers’ convenience.’

Secure and Compliant

Digital documents sent using E-Sign are protected by end-to-end secure encryption, ensuring that they are safe and legally compliant. Electronic documents are also safer than their physical counterparts, not at risk from fire, flood or mishap, and can be stored and shared securely within the E-Sign platform.

Reduce costs and streamline your processes with E-Sign’s electronic signature technology. By digitising your signing and verification systems, you can dramatically improve the turnaround time, with both on-boarding new business and progressing existing clients.


E-Sign is easy to adopt and integrates seamlessly into your existing technologies. By simplifying and replacing paper-based workflows, can increase the rate of business and reduce costly clerical errors.

Use Cases

  • Insurance policy applications
  • Claims processing
  • Renewals
  • Adjustments

High Performer