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The Future Of Document Signatures

Posted 2nd April 2020

For those new to E-Sign, and maybe E-Signatures in general, we’d like to give you a quick introduction to the service and what we’re about.

In a nutshell, E-Sign is an online service that helps you to electronically sign your documents quickly and securely. Signing documents online can save your business time and money (such as storage, postage and administration costs) and help with a reduction in de-forestation.

Many businesses around the world see the benefits of electronic signatures and the market is rapidly growing. The Health Care sector alone is in rapid expansion and will need systems such as ours to further enhance and maintain document security and integrity of records and authorisations.

‘’The healthcare IT landscape is witnessing rapid transformation as governments focus more on value-based care and preventive health programs to reduce the overall economic burden on health systems, along with increased efficiency in managing increasing patient populations. The basic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is evolving into a more comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR). The EMR, which primarily records and stores the summary of every physician-patient encounter, is becoming a longitudinal and comprehensive record that stores information from various sources, such as portals, wearables, and devices. This EHR, along with interoperability frameworks, cloud computing, data analytics, and security solutions, forms the basic architecture of upcoming healthcare concepts, such as population health management, care coordination, and patient engagement.’’ Growth Opportunities from the Evolution of Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Europe, Forecast to 2024. Frost & Sullivan, February 2020.

Demand for more efficient administration often means these companies are one step ahead of everyone else. And the use of digital documentation signatures means your staff can get on with their job and continue to be proficient, rather than getting slowed down chasing hand signed paperwork.

There are several services already around that help you do this, but we’re on a mission to raise the standard of electronic signatures and help you sort your paperwork even faster. E-Sign is about speed, security and usability all in one simple single package. Reducing administration costs, making better use of staff abilities and keeping you ahead of the game.

Our interface is fast and super simple to use, compared to the complicated, jargon-filled systems other providers offer. Do you have clients that you need to agree terms with? Request a signature and we’ll take them through a simple step-by-step process to respond and confirm their agreement to your document. Your deals can be closed within the hour!

Professional and trustworthy, our signatures are a step ahead of nostalgic hand signatures – you’ll find no pictures of a scribble here. Instead we embrace digital technologies to build your electronic identity. At the time of signature, we automatically collect information such as the date/time, location and the device used to confirm an agreement.

Unlike scribbly hand signatures, every E-Sign signature is 100% unique to the individual signing. Every signature has a QR Code containing the signees information smartly embedded into their document – how much more credible is that than the insecure and out-dated hand signature?

We’re always working hard to get that balance of security, speed and usability, and we’re not about to stop now. Interested? Give us a call and let us help you become more efficient or just sign up today, either via the online app, here on the blog or by tweeting us.

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