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New Feature Release: E-Sign now offering Digital Seals

Posted 27th April 2022

Here at E-Sign, we know how important it is that businesses have the right software. That’s why we’re always looking for new features to add to our platform. We recently added new permission features and now we’re increasing the security and integrity of our documents with the addition of a digital seal.


What are Digital Seals?

E-Sign now offers electronic seals to certify the integrity and origin of documents. For example, a company may apply an electronic seal on a contract before sending it out for signature. Electronic seals are applied on behalf of legal persons, such as organizations or institutions.

For example, an organisation can use electronic seals to certify the origin of paychecks or contracts. When using E-Sign, you can add electronic seals to your documents provided you are on the Business Pro or Enterprise plan.


Electronic Seal vs. Electronic Signature

 Even though they both rely on digital certificates, electronic seals and electronic signatures address different usages in Europe, under the eIDAS regulation. An electronic signature can be used only by a natural person to sign documents, such as contracts and applications.

Conversely, electronic seals can only be used by legal persons (entities)—including organizations and governments—to show evidence of origin and integrity of documents.

With EU Advanced Electronic seals, a sender with the necessary user permissions can add electronic seals to be applied automatically, in a specified order in the workflow. An envelope can contain both electronic seals and electronic signatures.


How Does it Work?

upload your digital seal in account settings

Upload your digital seal in account settings


add your digital seal to a document

Add your digital seal to a document


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