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Keeping Things Moving From Home….

Posted 15th April 2020

As I write this, it’s a lovely sunny Sunday morning.  This was the weekend I should have gone to the Grand National with friends, and watched Liverpool beat Man City, lifting the Premier league title for the first time since I got my first season ticket back at the age of 11.

But as we know, nature had other plans and launched a massive curve ball…

As I come to the end of the second week of having zero interaction outside of my three boys, I’m reflecting on the world at present…

When I run around my neighbourhood, others jump out my way like I’m Captain Corona.

I’m about two days away from writing a love letter to my barber (on the opposite end of the scale, my friend’s wife has just gone full on Britney and shaved her head completely out of  nothing more than sheer boredom!).

I’ve got three boys charged up on Haribo bouncing off every wall in the house (the ugly overbearing trampoline in the garden, that I usually hate, now seems the best investment ever!)

One more week and I honestly believe my house will resemble a scene from Lord of the Flies!

On a positive note, I am grateful my family are all safe and healthy during this time, and that we have the amazing NHS heroes working tirelessly to protect us.

Lockdown life also has its advantages too. I’m rather enjoying going to ‘work’ in my garden wearing nothing but my boxers and a ‘can do attitude’.

It also seems socially acceptable to make every face time call with a glass of red in hand!

Fortunately as a founder of a tech business, we have adapted pretty quickly and suffered minimal disruption to the business. I am extremely grateful for this, and owe a tremendous about of gratitude to the wonderful teams we have here at E-Sign.  The way other businesses are operating will change forever following these events.

We are seeing first hand how our existing customers are expanding on their digital investments to be able to cope with the current climate. A friend of mine has written an interesting piece on how businesses can thrive with digitisation, which is very helpful.

As in my last article, I want to carry on helping other businesses service during this period of uncertainty. I last spoke of really good tools you can use to set up remote working and keep everyone engaged and things running as close to normal as possible.

I want to expand on that here and share with you the tools we have created to help businesses continue to operate. All that follows was created directly from existing E-Sign customers requests:

E-Sign Webforms

Webforms – are simple to implement and quick to set up.  These can be absolutely anything you need, from simple letter of engagements to complex questionnaires for your customers/suppliers to fill and sign. Just give us your document and we turn it around and give you your very own personal link to either place on your website or email to people as and when needed.

Document PIN protection  - E-Sign have developed two options for document security

Document PIN protection  – We have developed two options for document security. E-Sign operates an inherently secure, encrypted infrastructure for you to send documents. But we know businesses trus us with high value documents. So we have introduces PIN authentication. Here you can generate a PIN to send to your signers mobile, or you can set a PIN yourself.  The document can’t be opened without the PIN

E-Sign payment capture

Payment capture  – We know a lot of agreements often go hand in hand with payment transactions. So we’ve merged the two in a really simple way to allow you to take payments at the exact same time as you have your document signed. This is simple to set up. You just add a payment field into your document, type in the amount to capture and send your document out. Before the signer signs, they are taken through the payment capture process and click sign. The funds are then transferred into your linked bank account. It’s that simple.

Complete document workflow management from E-Sign

Complete document workflow management – There really is too many to list in regards to what you can do with your E-Sign dashboard. I will list some key features that help in the current situation:

  • Upload, send and access documents from anywhere – this is perfect fro remote working and you can even share or disable file sharing, so your teams only see what they need to
  • Document recall and redirect – If you need to change a document or recall it for whatever reason, you simply hit the recall button and the link to the document is retracted from the signer. If your intended signer is no longer available (which given the current climate of remote working is possible), you can redirect your document to someone else. The link is invalidated to the initial signer and only the redirected signer has access.
  • Add files and send out document packs – This is really useful for when you have different documents that need to be signed separately but form one complete client engagement. We let you build your document workflow around your business. This can be edited from anywhere so you have no downtime or disruption

The events of the past few weeks have resulted in an influx of businesses looking to digitise their processes whilst operating remote working practices, to ensure business continuity and customer engagement continues.

We know things can be challenging enough working from home, but we are here to help keep your businesses running.

If you need help with anything at all, please get in touch

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