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Integrate and Automate With E-Sign’s Connectors

Posted 29th April 2021

Did you know that E-Sign offers a range of connectors for some of the most popular business applications?


Introducing our newest addition to the E-Sign platform; a range of easy-to-use connectors that make automation and integration simple.

Here at E-Sign, we recognise that a modern company may use a lot of different business applications as part of their day-to-day processes. From CRMs to payment gateways, electronic signatures, cloud-storage solutions to communication platforms, business applications help us create the optimal workflow for our business and employees.

Ultimately, digital ways of working should make your life easier, not harder. Communication and collaboration between your business applications is key to this, helping you achieve a truly integrated workflow and even empowering you to branch out into automated options. By adding these out-of-the-box connectors to the E-Sign platform, we’re ensuring our digital signature and document management solutions can integrate into your existing applications for a more streamlined and simple way of working.

Let’s take a close look at our comprehensive range of connectors.



There’s no denying that Google is one of the biggest names in the IT world and offers some of the most widely used applications on the market. Our connector allows you to collaborate and e-sign all your documents within the G-Suite workspace, ensuring maximum productivity for you and your business. Easy automations include automatically pulling documents from Gmail straight into your E-Sign dashboard and auto populating google sheets each time a document has been signed.



With the ability to manage all aspects of your customer journey, populate a document with your contact information straight from Intercom to create a document, E-Sign’s Intercom connector truly makes life easier for you and your employees. Automation highlights include the ability to auto-add contacts into Intercom and manage deals automatically when your E-Sign document has been signed and completed.



This popular payment gateway can now be integrated into your document transaction management platform thanks to our Stripe connector. Features include creating a new Stripe customer for instant payment capture when a document is signed, empowering you to collect payments for goods and services sooner rather than later.



This cloud-based storage and sharing application can now be integrated with E-Sign’s electronic signature and document management capabilities. With E-Sign on the case, you can download files for signing directly from your Dropbox account, and return signed documents to a specified Dropbox location, for complete document automation.



This CRM system is used by sales and marketing teams across Britain and the globe to track customer communications and leads. Significant features include sending contracts/purchase orders for e-signing directly from Hubspot every time you create a new deal, as well as automatically adding signed contracts to Hubspot to manage and track deal workflows and completion.



The backbone of many modern offices, OneDrive’s cloud-based approach to storage and sharing is popular with businesses across the UK. And you can now integrate your E-Sign account with our handy connector. Thanks to the integration abilities of our platform, you can easily pull documents out of your OneDrive account for signature capture and have them instantly returned, for secure, complete document management.


Office 365

For many businesses, Office 365 is where documents such as contracts or agreements are created. It therefore only makes sense that your document management platform and electronic signature should be able to integrate into your Office 365. You can send documents out for signature capture during Office 365 events, pull Office 365 contacts to add to your E-Sign documents and easily send out documents to be electronically signed.



This business application offers a centralised communication platform for your company, department, and team. With the E-Sign Slack connector on the case, you can keep your team up to date with the progress of document transactions with notification sent straight to your slack channels, ensuring everyone is kept in the know.



Get complete deal automation with our Salesforce integration. Using our Salesforce connector, we make sending out documents for e-signing simple, pulling information straight from your deals or contacts to generate documents. For complete 360°automation, you can even set up an action to have signed documents returned straight to your Salesforce CRM.



No doubt one of the most widely known payment gateways on the market, we knew it was essential that E-Sign integrated with PayPal. With our sophisticated connector, you can automatically send a document out for signature capture, whenever you create a new customer in PayPal, as well as easily manage all your signed financial transactions with E-Sign.



We realise that there’s a lot of options for CRMs on the market; that’s why we want to make E-Sign capable of collaborating with as many business applications as possible, including Zoho. Using the E-E-Sign connector, you can create new contacts or leads from your e-signed documents and return completed documents to your Zoho CRM for complete customer and sales management.


Want to Find Out More About E-Sign’s Connectors?

If you want to discover more information about how E-Sign can integrate into your other business applications, why not take a look at our new connectors page?  Try our connectors for yourself to see how your business could benefit from a streamlined, joined up way of working, as well as greater automation of your document processes.


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