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How Enterprise Businesses are Adopting Electronic Signatures

Posted 13th December 2021

For any business, adopting the right technology can help improve efficiency, supercharge productivity, and drive savings.

However, many companies often don’t know where to start on their digitalisation journey or worse; they’re stuck in old ways of working that stifle productivity and progress. This is especially true for larger, and more complex businesses, which can often rely on legacy IT, disjointed workflows, and inefficient processes, so much so that it can often feel like a tangled spider web of bureaucracy and paperwork.

Whilst there’s no simple way of instantly straightening out decades of jumbled processes, adopting an electronic signature is definitely a good place to start. When implemented correctly, they can form the lynchpin of your enterprise’s new digital ecosystem.

So how are enterprise businesses adopting electronic signatures, and what are the benefits of digital processes for larger companies? If you’re wondering either of these things, then this article is for you. We’ll be answering all these questions and more with our guide to electronic signatures and enterprise businesses.


Adopting an Electronic Signature

Whilst electronic signatures have been legal since the 2000 Electronic Communication Act, it’s safe to say that they’ve experienced a boom in popularity in the past few years. As the way we work and live becomes increasingly digitised, businesses are realising the benefits of e-signatures over pen and paper, as well as the greater efficiency of digital processes in general. Yet for all the benefits that an electronic signature can bring to a business, there are some things you should definitely consider to get the most from adopting an e-signature.

There are a lot of e-signatures available on the market, so finding the right one for your business is essential. Thinking about what features you need is a good place to start, as some e-signatures offer additional security features or tools to make processing digital documents easier. You should also consider the type of signature you need: a simple, advanced, or qualified electronic signature. For an enterprise business, you’ll  need the more secure and verified types, so an advanced or qualified e-signature should be on your list.


Ditching Paper and Going Digital

Once you’ve found the right e-signature, you can eliminate paper-based processes and keep your documents digital. Consider your workflow now. If you haven’t implemented a digital signature across your business, chances are you will still rely heavily on paper to get the job done. Maybe you’ll create documents on your computer and print them out to sign by hand. From here you may scan your document to make it digital and attach it to an email. The final step may be paying to post the document in the mail.. For an enterprise business that processes countless documents in an average week, this all adds up to create a significant administrative task.

By adopting an electronic signature, you can streamline your processes and reduce the level of admin it takes to run your enterprise. An electronic signature will allow you to keep your documents digital, whilst still securely signing agreements, contracts, and other documents. Say goodbye to printing, scanning, and posting. In just a few clicks you can create, e-sign and send documents to your clients. Once completed, you can instantly save and store your documents in your chosen file structure to create a record or audit trail.


Personalising Processes With API Integration

For enterprise businesses, adopting an electronic signature and digital documents is the first step in creating efficient and productive processes. One of the best things about adopting digital documents is that they can be further integrated into your digital workflow. An enterprise business will no doubt use several business applications or specific software as part of their daily processes. Despite having all this technology at our fingers to make our working lives easier, these separate applications can end up creating disjointed workflows, with additional administration or intervention efforts.

E-Signs electronic signature is API-enabled, allowing your enterprise to integrate your e-signature software into other business applications. API, Application Programming Interface, is a software intermediary that allows multiple applications to communicate with each other. If you have a software developer in your enterprise team, an API enabled e-signature will allow you to create a highly personalised digital ecosystem, connecting your e-signature and digital document platform to other business applications, such as your CRM, collaborative platform, or email provider. This can improve the efficiency of your workflows, allowing you and your employees to move between different software more smoothly.


Adding Easy Automation With Connectors

Whilst most enterprises will have the resources and budget to hire a developer amongst their IT team, many software providers , such as E-Sign, not only offer API integration but also connectors via Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate. By using Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate, enterprise businesses can add automated elements to their document processes, as well as workflows in general. Once you’ve adopted an electronic signature and implemented digital documents, you then have the ability to use pre-set connectors to add automation between actions and applications, reducing manual intervention for your employees.

An enterprise business will consist of different departments and teams, each with its own requirements and processes. Using Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate, you can select pre-set actions and triggers, creating highly personalised processes to suit the needs of different teams. As connectors are simpler to use than APIs, managers or team leaders can create their own workflows, ensuring that efficient, digital processes are established for each team or department.


Engaging Employees With New Processes

Whenever your enterprise business implements new processes or policies, you’ll know just how important it is to engage employees with the new changes. In some cases, employees may be reluctant to adopt new technology or processes; they may be comfortable with the way they work already or reluctant to get to grips with new technology. For a successful implementation of your electronic signature or digital documents, you need to communicate the reasoning and benefits of digital workflows, encouraging employees to ditch old paper-based processes and embrace digital ways of working.

Levels of digital maturity may vary across your enterprise, with some employees well-versed in the digital processes and others more comfortable using paper.  It’s therefore essential that you train all your employees in how to use electronic signatures and digital documents. Whilst this will be primarily down to how well you communicate the electronic signature’s functionalities, you can also help the process by selecting a user-friendly and easy-to-use signature.


Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Enterprise Business

If you’re investing time and money in overhauling your paper-based processes, you’ll no doubt be keen to know how this move will benefit your enterprise.

  1. Save Money on Paper

Your enterprise business no doubt spends a fair bit of money on paper, printer ink and postage, not to mention things like stationery and storage.  By adopting an electronic signature at all levels of your enterprise, you can significantly reduce, if not entirely eliminate paper usage across your business. Whilst you’ll need to spend money on an e-signature, as well as short-term expenditure on digital transformation projects, adopting an e-signature can help you optimise your budget.


  1. Improve Efficiency

One of the main benefits of digitalisation is the improved efficiency it can bring to your workflows and consequently, your business. Eliminating paper-based processes from your workflows reduces administration effort, saves time for employees, and allows you to focus on more value-adding tasks. Once your e-signatures and documents are digital, you can also benefit from increased automation and integration between applications or business software. This further reduces the need for employee intervention, saving time on your processes and increasing productivity.


  1. Decrease Business Waste

As a modern enterprise, you’re no doubt under pressure to reduce business waste and to do your bit for the environment. In many businesses, lots of documents are printed, only to be used once and thrown away. Digital documents allow you to carry on with these necessary business communications, without creating paper waste. At E-Sign, we even have a carbon calculator on our document management platform, so you can see how many grams of CO2 you’ve saved by using your electronic signature.


  1. Complete Transactions Quicker

Since using digital signatures is more effective than traditional paper documents, adopting an e-signature and digital documents can allow you to close transactions or business deals a lot quicker, increasing the efficiency of processes, as well as providing a responsive customer experience. Your clients can view, sign, and return your document in just a few clicks. Indeed, our research indicates that adopting an e-signature can reduce document turnaround time from 21 to just 3 days.


  1. Keep Up With Competitors

Enterprise businesses are always looking to improve efficiency and productivity, and digital technology is one of the best ways to achieve this. As workflows and processes become increasingly digital, your enterprise needs to keep up with the changing times to remain competitive. Adopting an electronic signature and digital documents can help to kickstart this process of digitalisation, ensuring you can keep up with your competitors, who will no doubt be embracing digital ways of working.


Are You Looking for an Electronic Signature for Your Enterprise Business?

If you’re looking to adopt a user-friendly and accessible electronic signature for your enterprise business, get in touch with E-Sign today. We have a dedicated package for enterprise businesses, catering to large amounts of users and documents, as well as offering API integration capabilities.

At E-Sign, we understand that choosing your electronic signature provider is a big deal. That’s why our team is here to answer any questions or queries you have about our services.


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