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How Electronic Signatures Make Hiring More Efficient

Posted 6th July 2022

On a daily basis, HR teams are responsible for a variety of admin tasks, which often include filling in paperwork and a wide variety of people-focused services. It’s estimated that HR employees spend 14% of their time on managing employee records and up to 51 minutes a day looking for info in paper documents, emails and files. This is especially true during the hiring process, which can be an admin intense process.

If you’re looking to make your hiring process more efficient, e-signatures could be just the thing your HR department needs. With e-signatures and digital documents, your HR department can benefit from quicker, more efficient hiring processes.

Let’s take a closer look at how electronic signatures make hiring more efficient and the documents that your HR department can sign with electronic signatures.

Which Hiring Documents Can You E-sign?

You can e-sign any document that you would otherwise print out and sign by hand. Rather than create more paperwork for your HR team, you can keep your documents digital and improve efficiency across your department. For the HR department, this could be documents such as:

  • Employment offer letter
  • Employment contract
  • Emergency contact info
  • Employee handbook
  • Payroll and benefits


How Do Electronic Signatures Make Hiring More Efficient?

E-signatures empower businesses to improve efficiency across their business, especially in the HR department. Let’s take a closer look at how e-signatures make the hiring process more efficient.

Reduce Administration Time

We all know that traditional paperwork can take time to process. Your HR team will no doubt spend a large amount of their time processing hiring documents, whether that’s creating, tracking or filing paperwork. With an electronic signature, you can streamline the administrative responsibilities of your HR team.

Electronic signatures allow you to keep your documents digital, which immediately streamlines your paperwork administration by eliminating printing, posting, scanning, and filing. Instead, your HR team can manage all your documents digitally, creating, emailing, and saving your onboarding documents in just a few clicks. With digital documents, you can reduce the administrative effort and save time for your HR team.

Speed Up Onboarding Process

The onboarding process can be a long one, partly due to the background checks and onboarding documents involved. Yet once you’ve found your ideal employee, you’ll no doubt want them to start working as soon as possible. With an electronic signature, your HR team can speed up employee onboarding and process hiring paperwork sooner.

Digital documents take much less time to create and process than traditional paper documents, meaning your HR team can quickly and easily send out paperwork, such as offer letters and employment contracts to your new starters. Electronic signatures also make signing easier for your future employee, who will be able to view, sign and return your documents in just a few clicks, without creating an account with your e-signature provider.

Impress Future Employees

The onboarding process is one of the first interactions your future employees have with your company (besides the interview process). It’s vital that you make a good impression during this time. According to the Work Institute, around 40% of new hires quit within one year and out of those who quit, 43% leave within the first 90 days.

It’s no secret that the hiring process is expensive; your business will want to hold on to quality employees. An efficient and easier hiring process can help make a good first impression. Having an e-signature and digital documents helps your business set a positive tone with new hires and demonstrates the efficient, digital workflows of your company.

Eliminate Paperwork

Electronic signatures allow you to keep your recruitment documents digital. Think paperwork without the paper. Eliminating paper documents from your hiring process brings several benefits to your HR team and business. Digital documents are not only more efficient, they could also help your business save money.

The money you spend on paper, stationery, filing supplies and storage may seem small but it all adds up. Add to that the cost of printer ink, toner and machine maintenance and your business could be spending thousands of pounds a year maintaining inefficient paper processes. With an electronic signature, you can eliminate paper and the associated cost. Instead, you’ll pay a monthly or annual payment to your e-signature provider.

Improve Document Security

The security of your business documents is no doubt your number one priority. Electronic signatures are 100% secure and legally binding. Whilst electronic signatures are simple to use, the technology behind the scenes ensures that the signature is secure and verifiable. In short, you can trust that your signer is who they say they are and the document is secure against manipulation and alterations.

Many e-signatures will also offer additional security tools to protect your documents from prying eyes. Features like SMS authentication, password protection and ID verification all help to add an extra layer of security that paper recruitment documents simply don’t have.


How E-Sign Can Help You Make Hiring More Efficient

E-Sign is a secure electronic signature and document management platform. With our software and tools, we help to make your hiring process easier. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that your HR department could use to ease administration and speed up paperwork.

User-Friendly Signature

Our e-signatures are secure and easy to use. Both your HR department and onboarding employees will simply have to type out their names in our electronic signature field. This will record the date and time of the signature, as well as the IP address. Our signatures are also supported by a digital certificate, so you can confirm your transactions are authentic.

Editable Documents

As you onboard your employees, you’ll need to gather personal information. Make filling in paperwork easy with our editable digital documents. With E-Sign, you can make your documents editable by adding text boxes, tick boxes, drop-down selections and of course our e-signature field. Your employee won’t need a printer or scanner to complete your paperwork, they can do it all digitally.

Verification Tools

We understand that protecting the contents of your document is important to your business and employee confidentiality. With our range of verification tools, you can ensure that only intended parties can view and e-sign your document. Enable password protection and SMS authentication to protect your documents.

Built-in ID Checker

Depending on your industry, you may need to verify the identity of your employees as part of the hiring process. With our built-in ID checker, you can combine these two processes in one to streamline your hiring process. Our ID checker compares your employee’s personal information with a global database to confirm their identity.

Electronic Seal

Some of your business documents may require an electronic seal. With E-Sign, you can add an electronic seal to your documents before you send them out to your future employees. This helps to certify the authenticity of your business documents and prevents the contents from being altered for malicious purposes.


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