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E-Signatures Streamline The HR Recruitment Process

Posted 11th June 2020

Gone are the days of physical paperwork for the recruiting process, no more checking who has what documents and if they have been signed and checked correctly.

E-signatures solve the paperwork problem with ease, more efficiently and securely with no worries about information being misplaced or lost. There are a multitude of reasons why electronic signatures outweigh a paper-based HR process.


‘97% of HR leaders are planning to increase their future investment in recruiting technology’


Faster contract completion

By sending your contracts digitally to candidates for electronic signature, you can reduce the average processing times down from 10 to 2 days.

Candidates receive their contracts via secure email to read and e-sign. Once e-signed the document is instantly sent back to the recruitment agency to proceed with the next stage of candidate on-boarding. A process that could once take over a week using traditional post can now be completed in minutes.


‘53% of HR professionals say that an improved onboarding experience increases employee engagement’


Contract Templates

Every candidate is different; therefore, every contract is different. Having to create a new contract for each new candidate can be laborious, however with an electronic signature solution, editable contract templates can be created modifying variables such as name, job, salary etc. unique to the candidate without having to create a completely new contract each time.


“ E-Sign solves a number of issues for us, including having a full audit trail for signed documents, as well as e-mail notifications going to all parties. E-Sign is easier and quicker to use and removes the need for a hiring manager to sign, scan and then e-mail a document. ” Inta People


Track your contracts

Understanding where your important documents are within the workflow is important for productivity. Knowing a candidate has received the contract, opened it several times but not signed it gives the recruiter the knowledge to chase the candidate up and get the form signed.

Some documents may need multiple signatures from multiple parties, such as timesheets. Electronic signatures allow for the document to passed between parties securely for each to e-sign, whether at their desk or on the move. As these documents pass between parties, the administrator of the document is aware of where it is in the workflow and can chase people up directly if needed to prevent any delays.

Employee handbooks

Most companies have an employee handbook that contains operating procedures and policies. For an employee handbook to truly be valuable to the business and employee it is important that it is read and accepted by each new hire. Electronic signing provides an efficient way to achieve this. The employee simply accesses an electronic version of the handbook, digitally signs it and a record of signature and the document itself are stored electronically.

Policy Updates

Previously company policy updates were a laborious task, not only for signatures but the sheer amount of paper that is wasted for a simple signature. Now when an update is made an entire company workforce can be made aware instantly, with no need to chase up returning paper – all that is needed is a simple e-signature.

Expedite your HR processing today

Electronic signatures significantly help the recruitment and HR sectors streamline their processes providing for much smoother employment transitions. 100% digital onboarding processes incorporating eSignatures solve many previous challenges. Ensuring offers are compliant, instantly sent, tracked and returned entirely through the web, with no need to post or even email the documents from either direction.


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