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Automating Your Document Processes With E-Sign and Power Automate

Posted 12th February 2021

Think automation sounds like something straight out of a Sci-fi film? Think again.  These days, automation is increasingly integrated into our day-to-day lives and office environment. No longer the preserve of experienced coders or IT buffs, businesses just like yours are now using simplified automation to streamline processes, improve productivity and save time on day-to-day administrative tasks.


What Is Automation?

What springs to mind when you think ‘automation? Maybe you think of futuristic robots, humanoid entities with sleek designs and sophisticated tech. In reality, automation is a lot less glamorous. Think less Terminator and more supermarket self-service check outs.

In its most basic sense, automation is defined as “the technique of making equipment, processes, or systems operate automatically. In practice, this means reducing or eliminating human intervention, transforming those mundane, repetitive activities into an efficient and automated process. It’s exciting stuff, and your business stands to benefit enormously from automation, saving time and effort for you, your employees and your business.


How Can I Automate My Document Processes?

The process of automation may sound intimidating, especially if your business doesn’t have the advantage of an experience and tech-savvy coder. At E-Sign, we want to make digitalisation and automation accessible for every business, not just those with a dedicated tech team. As the business world moves increasingly online, we understand the importance of making digitalisation as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Microsoft Power Automate to make automating your document transactions easier and significantly more approachable.

Automating both your digital signatures and digital document management has the ability to revolutionise your processes, optimising your workflow and creating a truly effective digital ecosystem that works for your business.


5 Easy Automations to Streamline Your Workflow with E-Sign  

“E-Sign wants to help companies demonstrate, justify, and realise the tangible value of IT initiatives and digital ecosystems.”-Thomas Taylor-MD


Microsoft Power Automate makes creating automated workflows between applications and workspaces simple. As oppose to traditional automation which requires a certain knowledge of coding, Power Automate makes this complicated process easy, offering pre-set ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’ to help create an efficient and streamline workflow. Integrating effortlessly with E-sign’s functionalities, Power Automate represents a simple and effective way of automating your digital signature collection and document management processes, allowing your company to benefit from the time-saving efficiencies of automation.

Here are some easy automations that can make your document processes more efficient:


  • Generate Documents for Signing

 Automatically generate documents to send for signing using Power Automate. With the ability to pull data from your existing CRM or customer webform, you can instantly generate the documents or contracts you need to follow up with customers and quickly close deals.

  • Send Follow Up Emails or Confirmations

With Power Automate, you can create a flow that will automatically send personalised follow up emails to chase your signer, as well as instantly sending email confirmation when signed documents are returned.

  • Store Signed Documents Automatically

Keeping an organised record of your transactions is essential to your document process. With Power Automate on the case, you can automatically download signed documents into a specified folder for instant storage and organisation.

  • Keep Track of Processes With Automatic Updates

If you’re sending out numerous documents for signing, it can be difficult to keep track of the progress and stages of all your transactions. With Power Automate and E-Sign, you can easily keep track of completed and outstanding signatures thanks to automatic updates sent to your chosen email or team platform.

  • Send Notifications to Team Chat Apps

If working as part of a team, you can set up a flow to automatically send notifications to your chosen team chat app or project management platform. Whether you use Slack, Teams or another application, you can automatically update your team with progress notifications.



How Your Business Can Benefit From Automation


Streamline Business Processes

Whilst eliminating paper-based documents with digital alternatives goes a long way to streamline your business processes, improving collaboration between your applications is the next logical step when it comes to optimising your workflow. Indeed, your business is likely dependent on multiple applications for its day-to-day operations and navigating these different workspaces can unintentionally create a disjointed and inefficient process.

The solution? Use Power Automate to automate those steps, eliminating the need for manual intervention and creating an optimised workflow that prompts communication between apps and workspaces. Identifying those repetitive tasks that take up time and disjoint your business processes is essential to improving the way both you and your employees work. No matter if your business is big or small, continuously assessing your workflow for weaknesses and inefficiencies is critical for successful digital transformation.


Save Time and Money

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of automation is the time and money savings that can be made from automating previously manual processes. In a world where every minute spent on manual work costs your company money, automation allows you to eliminate the time-consuming administration involved in the day-to-day running of your business.

Whilst automation may sound like a costly endeavour, using a connector such as Power Automate allows you to integrate automation into your existing systems and processes, optimising the technology and software you already use to improve efficiency. Eliminating manual steps that slow down your workflow and take up employee time allows you to re-focus your resources and energy on the value-adding work that grows your business and earns you money. Indeed, a study carried out by Forrester revealed that setting up three autonomous workflows in an enterprise level business has the potential to save 26,660 work hour per year, a substantial amount of time that could be invested into other areas of your business.


Reduce Errors and Improve Security

We all know that errors can cost your business money, but did you know that one of the biggest causes of mistakes is human error? As the old saying goes, to err is to be human and while we can put the right measures in place to minimise mistakes, a 100% perfect performance simply isn’t achievable. Ultimately, if you want perfection, you need automation. By automating those duller, repetitive tasks, you remove manual stages from your workflow, reducing the opportunity for human errors to occur in your document processes.

In addition to reducing your human error rate, creating a digital ecosystem with the help of automation will ultimately make your business more secure. Indeed, with autonomous workflows operating in a highly personalised ecosystem, your business has the ability to control permissions, both at a data and application level. The result? Automation brings significant security benefits, helping to protect your business against cybercrime and shadow IT, as well as supporting your all-important GDPR compliance.


Are you interested in exploring process automation further? Find E-Sign in Microsoft Power Automate today. With a range of pre-set workflows and customisable actions and triggers, automating your E-Sign digital signature process and document management has never been more accessible.


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