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E-Sign and Microsoft

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Collaborate and E-Sign all Your Documents from Microsoft

E-Sign’s software is designed to simplify your business operations and make life easier for both you and your clients. We understand that collaboration between programmes is essential for a productive and effective digital workflow; that’s why E-Sign easily integrates into all your favourite Microsoft applications including 365, Outlook and Word.

Streamline Business Communications

Our products and services are designed to streamline your company operations and business communications. By integrating E-Sign with Microsoft application such as 365, Outlook and SharePoint, you can simplify your business communications, drawing on the capabilities of both applications to maximise your digital solutions.

Modernise Your Operations

In our digital world, paper-based processes are swiftly becoming outdated and inefficient ways to conduct business. By modernising your operations with E-Sign’s digital platform and electronic signature, you can ensure your business remains ahead of the curve and ready to embrace its digital future.

Improve Customer Experience

Digital solutions should simplify your existing processes for both your employees and customers, providing an effortless and efficient customer experience that creates the best possible impression of your business. By integrating E-Sign with Microsoft, your digital solution is compatible with one of the most widely used software’s on the market.

E-Sign Solutions for Microsoft

E-Sign for Windows

By integrating E-Sign into your Windows operating system, you can sign and send documents straight from your Windows workspace, whatever the format, including PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, as well as documents stored on OneDrive. With simple collaboration between Windows and E-Sign, your business can take full advantage of E-Sign’s capabilities, including web form functionalities, e-signatures, ID verification and payment processing.

If your company uses Windows, integrating your digital signature solution into your operating system can complement your workflow, fine-tuning your business processes for ultimate efficiency. By improving collaboration between these two interfaces, negotiating between two separate workspaces becomes significantly easier, allowing you to eliminate unnecessary steps that impede productive work.

E-Sign for Windows

E-Sign for Microsoft Outlook

In the business world, most communication and collaboration between clients and customers is carried out by email and email attachments. That means your email inbox needs to be optimised to suit your workflow. Power Automate allows you to integrate E-Sign and Outlook, adding elements of automation between your inbox and E-Sign.

  • Send out an E-Sign envelope when a new email with an attachment has been received in Outlook.
  • Connect Outlook to E-Sign in order to send documents for e-signature automatically.
  • When a new email arrives, send an envelope using a template.

E-Sign For Outlook

Digital Signature and Microsoft Word

If you use Word to create business documents such as contracts or agreements, integrating E-Sign’s digital signature allows you to e-sign and send documents within the Microsoft workspace. Simply enable the E-Sign add-on and sign away.

Incorporating E-Sign’s technology into Microsoft Word allows you to enhance both your document workflow and your document organisation and storage. With the ability to upload Word documents to E-Sign’s management platform, you can save your created document as a template, allowing you to reuse the lay out and content, reducing document creation time for a quicker turnaround.

With these two platforms working together, you can optimise your workflow and benefit from the functionality of both E-Sign and Microsoft without having to switch between the two. This is a great way of incorporating electronic signature technology into your existing processes for optimal productivity.

E-Sign For Word

E-Sign for SharePoint

Integrating your SharePoint and E-Sign accounts also allows you to improve document organisation and storage. Add automation into your document management processes, reducing the manual steps needed to create, share, and send out your documents. Create an effective workflow that truly benefits your business and employees. Here are some things you can do with our connector:

  • When a file is created in SharePoint it can be sent for e-signature using a template within E-Sign.
  • Saving a file in SharePoint triggers the sending of a template from E-Sign.
  • When a document returns signed, it automatically creates a new file of the signed document in your SharePoint account.

E-Sign For SharePoint

E-Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Signing and sending documents is easy with the help of E-Sign’s electronic signature, allowing you to pull information from Dynamics365 to populate your document and send it out for a digital signature.

E-Sign for Dynamic 365 keeps you up to date with the progress of your transactions, creating a fully visible audit trail of changes and notifying all parties of updates and progress. By combining the two platforms, your business can improve its operational efficiency by  enabling you to signifcantly reduce document turnaround times.

With E-Sign’s API capabilities, you can get the most from your CRM system by utilising customisable integrations and creating a bespoke system that truly works for your business. With E-Sign and Microsoft powering your processes, enjoy peace of mind that your digital technology will never slow your operations down.

E-Sign For Dynamics 365

E-Sign for Office 365

As well as working with Microsoft Word, E-Sign can also be used in conjunction with the entire office 365 suite, such as PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. In this sense, if your business relies heavily on Microsoft’s applications for its daily operations, E-Sign allows you to integrate into your existing processes easily and without hassle.

With the ability to use your digital signature solution with any of the Microsoft applications, sending and signing documents, as well as storing signed papers, becomes a simple, integrated workflow, rather than a siloed process that requires manual input from your employees.

E-Sign For Office 365

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