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Powerful workflows with instant signature capture.

Automate document management process with a range of versatile templates within Microsoft Power Automate.

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Adopt Pre-built Workflows

Automate existing processes for maximum efficiency. Microsoft Power Automate makes automation easy by using ‘no code’ connectors, each with a with simple pre-set automation, making it accessible for every business.

Microsoft Power Automate

Secure Storage Through Automation

Many businesses operate on a variety of applications for day-to-day operations. Communication between multiple workspaces is essential for effective operation and secure data storage.

E-Sign’s Power Automate connectors allow you to automate data storage the process and set up bespoke workflows so documents are automatically stored securely in the right location.


Automated Updates and Notifications

Using connectors like Power Automate enables you to automatically send additional notifications to your other workspaces.

Send out multiple documents and keep up to date on the progress at every stage of the transaction. E-Sign’s connectors provide the ability to set up pre-determined workflows that will send notifications to your chosen platform, keeping your teams up to date with all document transactions.


Streamline Business Communications

At E-Sign, all our products and services are designed to streamline your company operations and business communications. By automating your document management process with E-Sign and Microsoft Power Automate, you can simplify both your business communications and workflow, reducing manual administration and freeing up time to focus on other areas of your business.

Modernise Your Operations

In an increasingly digitalised world, paper-based processes are swiftly becoming outdated and inefficient ways to conduct business. Whilst digitalisation goes a long way to modernising your processes, this can be further supported by automating E-Sign’s document management capabilities. Embracing automation and incorporating it into your business operations allows your business to stay ahead of your competitor, preparing your business for its digital future.

Improve Customer Experience

Digital solutions should simplify your existing processes for both your employees and customers, providing an effortless and efficient customer experience that creates the best possible impression of your business. Automating your processes not only helps your business run smoothly, it also saves time on administration, so you can process documents and get back to your customers in record time.

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