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E-Sign Competitor Cost Analysis

This paper is a detailed cost analysis provided by one of our customers which articulates the cost benefits of using E-Sign.

Digital Signature Solutions for Business

E-Sign is used as a cost-effective solution to significantly speed up the process of collecting e-signatures verified on key documents, such as contracts, agreements and policy documents, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing your brand reputation, as well as significantly improving business productivity and reducing costs.

Established in 2012, E-Sign Ltd is one of the UK’s leading electronic signature providers and is used by countless organisations across numerous sectors including legal, recruitment, real estate, financial services, debt recovery, media production, software, public sector and utilities to sign online documents.

Competitor cost analysis

This paper is a detailed cost analysis provided by one of our customers which articulates the cost benefits of using E-Sign.

The study was carried out by the customer half way through an agreement, as their current e-signature provider increased the costs significantly and they wanted to explore alternative providers.

It demonstrates that E-Sign is by far the most cost-effective digital signature provider, even after paying a “Buy out” fee to the current provider.

E-Sign Competitor Cost Analysis Case Study

E-Sign Ltd

We currently have 18000 forms that are being signed, through a mixture of Online Applications across 25 accounts.

Currently this has cost £6000

Provider 1 have an updated pricing structure which means the more transactions processed with them, the more expensive it becomes, up until the point of 500,000 signatures or more on one account.


Proposed costs based on 22000 transactions for next year

To leave our current contract with Provider 1 would cost £13,000, however we would make this back and other significant savings, within the first year by moving to E-Sign based on current projections.

In terms of support levels Provider 2 would have the best support level, closely followed by E-Sign with Provider 1 rating poorly. Whilst Provider 2 are a viable alternative, their price is only guaranteed for 1 year, and they have similar feedback to Provider 1 for price rises at the end of contracts. They offer a further discount for 3 year contracts but we are currently exploring whether this year we can legally and securely move away from a signed mandate to an alternative digital confirmation which is also accepted by the banks.

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