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Benefits of Automation & Digital Ecosystems

Realise the potential of automating your processes and creating a digital ecosystem with E-Sign

Automation Solutions for Business

Many industries have come to the realisation that automation solutions bring together various software applications to create digital process automation. This essentially forms part of a larger digital ecosystem, that helps customers streamline business processes, reduce costs, and improve security.

Established in 2012, E-Sign Ltd is one of the UK’s leading electronic signature providers and is used by countless organisations across numerous sectors including legal, recruitment, real estate, financial services, debt recovery, media production, software, public sector and utilities to sign online documents.

Benefits of Automation and Digital Ecosystem

Organisations realise additional value with other Platform Microsoft solutions – Interviewees described how solutions such as Dynamics CRM and Teams, being part of the Microsoft stack, enable them to build on prior investments to create more value. Using connectors such as Power Automate and Zapier allow businesses to merge existing software purchases and improve efficiency. With both Power Automate and Zapier, Businesses can save time and money on roll out and training as teams already have working experience of the software’s within the digital

Digital ecosystems make organisations more secure – creating autonomous workflows within your very own, bespoke ecosystem, allows businesses to control permissions at the data and application levels. Additionally, users building in these tools reduce the potential of shadow IT taking place. This can also significantly assist with GDPR compliance.

Forrester’s interviews with five large scale businesses found that an organisation experiences benefits of £950,000 over three years versus costs of £377,433.

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