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Case Studies

E-Sign’s document management solutions are used by organisations across multiple industries. To see how E-Sign could power your industry forward, we’ve analysed the impact of digital solutions in our in-depth case studies.

Realise the Benefits of E-Sign’s Solutions

Established in 2012, E-Sign’s digital document solutions are used by organisations across many sectors including legal, recruitment, property sales and lettings, financial services, debt recovery, media production, software, and utilities to e-sign and management digital documents. With streamlined and efficient document management and accelerated e-signature processes, businesses across all sectors are benefitting from significant time and financial savings on day-to-day business processes.

Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures in the Legal Industry

E-Sign provides cost-effective solutions to digitally process key legal documents, such as contracts, agreements and policy documents, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing your brand reputation, as well as significantly improving business productivity and reducing costs.

Digital Document Solutions in the Recruitment Industry

Use E-Sign to digitally complete your employment contracts and improve your recruitment process. By going paper-less and embracing e-signature technology, businesses can improve candidate enrolment and onboarding processes.

Electronic Signature in Small Businesses

E-Sign’s document management platform allows small businesses to streamline their processes and to significantly speed up the collection and verification of signatures on key documents, such as contracts, agreements, and policy documents, allowing you to focus on running your business.

The Financial and Environment Impact of Digitalising Paper Documents in Various Industries

Digitalising your documents with E-Sign allows you to reduce expenditure on the associated costs of paper-based administration, as well as minimising the environmental impact of your business by reducing paper consumption and waste.

E-Sign Competitor Cost Analysis

The study was carried out by the customer halfway through an agreement, as their current e-signature provider increased the costs significantly and they wanted to explore alternative providers. It demonstrates that E-Sign is by far the most cost-effective digital signature provider, even after paying a “buy out” fee to the current provider.

Benefits of Agreement Automation

Disjointed manual agreement processes are a huge risk for financial institutions. They frustrate customers, leading to high drop-out rates. By automating credit agreements, loan/lease agreements, new account openings, mortgages, pensions, and annuities, you can enhance your customer experience with easy and convenient document management.

Why Choose E-Sign


The key to good workflow is optimum efficiency. E-Sign allows staff to work their core job more productively, utilising streamlined secure document processes.

Cost Effective

Spend less time on administration and traditional paper-based expenses. Save on mail and associated expenditure.


With instantaneous delivery and rapid, secure authentication, there’s no need to wait days for document turnaround with E-Sign.

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